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Need a NEXT DAY Asbestos Survey? Book with Asbestos Surveys Ireland LTD today.

Does your Property Require Asbestos Survey? Get In contact with Asbestos Surveys Ireland LTD today.

Welcome to Asbestos Surveys Ireland LTD

Asbestos Surveys Ireland LTD is a family run company, with over 20 years of experience. We're based in Glasnevin, Dublin 11. 

Our highly trained and certified asbestos surveyors (p402 qualified) can carry out asbestos management and asbestos refurbishment/demolition surveys in both domestic and commercial properties. Our services are available to all property types including: 

  • Domestic Houses

  • Offices

  • Factories

  • Hospitals

  • Schools

  • Retail Premises

For additional information on our asbestos surveys, get in contact with Asbestos Surveys Ireland LTD today.

We are also highly trained and fully certified with p404 training.


Does your property require Asbestos Surveys  Services? get in contact with Asbestos Surveys Ireland LTD today.

Asbestos Surveys

Asbestos Surveys Ireland LTD provides detailed asbestos inspections and asbestos surveys to commercial and domestic property owners Nationwide. 

About Asbestos Surveys Ireland LTD

Our Asbestos Surveys include:

  • An experienced and fully qualified asbestos Survey team, that carry out a full asbestos surveys according to the stringent regulations as outlined in the HSG 264 Asbestos Survey guide
  • We take representative samples of any materials suspected of asbestos contamination for a full analyse
  • Our team complete and provide the client with a detailed report on the location, extent and condition of all discovered asbestos. This report will also contain an overview of all necessary remedial action
  • All data used in the report will be available to assist the property owner manage the asbestos and provide a safe and stable environment for residents, staff and/or contractors
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